Sadhana is a spiritual movement consciously systematised. Sadhana is the purpose for which we have come to this place. ​The object of Sadhana is to release life from the limitations with which it is bound.
~ Swami Sivananda

Yoga is an individual experience and it’s knowledge is passed on as we come together to practice it’s disciplines.Are you interested in knowing and feeling the deeper meaning of Yoga?
Would you like to build a thorough foundation of your personal practice without necessarily taking a Teacher Training? ​Are you open to explore this ancient science to find more peace and harmony in life and relationships?

Be invited join us on an in depth exploration of Yoga.

The unique Immersion Course is based on the classical and traditional teachings of Yoga. It is inspired by the teachings of the Sivananda tradition. The course consists of three modules which takes place over a period of 1 ½ month on the following three weekends:


Anyone who has a sincere desire for learning and interest in spiritual and personal growth can participate. During the course students will learn different techniques and practices of Hatha Yoga including classical Asanas (postures) and its adaptations and variations, Pranayama (control of the vital energy or Prana) and Yogic cleansing techniques (Kriyas).

The students are guided in the practice of Meditation, study different topics in Yoga philosophy and the Bhagavad Gita. Together we will experience the power of Bhakti (devotion) through chanting Mantras in Sanskrit.


  • Transportation to locations and food during the first 2 weekends is not included
  •  As the Course is a consecutive program, it can only be booked as a whole. If you are able to only join the first or the first 2 weekends, please message below and we can register you for the consecutive weekends that you would like to join.
  • The course is taught in English. Jagadambika speaks German and can help with occasional translation.
  • Course Manual and Kriya Kit will be provided for students who book the full Course.
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