Life is a great opportunity

We all have the power to shape this life in whichever way we want, to expand our consciousness and to choose how we share our energy with the world. To experience this clarity and freedom that life offers us every moment, we long for moments of introspection, peace and stillness.
Join us for a weekend of Yoga and Meditation and find space to calm the mind. Still the ongoing inner dialog. Stop worrying about the past or planning for the future. Hear the silence. Simply be.

This weekend Yoga Retreat explores the theory and practice of Meditation and focuses on the method of silent mantra repetition (Japa Meditation).


  • Morning and Afternoon Yoga Classes
  • Specialized Asana Workshop
  • Workshop on theory and practice of Meditation
  • Satsangs
  • Kirtan
  • Accommodation in shared rooms (2-4 beds)
  • Vegan, freshly cooked brunch and dinner based on an Ayurvedic Diet​
  • Free time for nature walks and reflection


  • Transportation to location is not included.
  • For dinner on Friday we plan to have a picknick and would like to ask you for a simple, vegan contribution to be shared as part of the buffet.
  • We suggest that during the retreat students stick to a yogic diet (no drinking alcohol, no eating meat, no smoking).​
  • The Retreat is taught in English. If all participants are fluid in German, the Yoga Classes taught by Jagadambika will be taught in German. Jagadambika can also help with occasional translation.


​Comfortable clothing and notebook. If you wish to use your personal Yoga mat and Meditation cushion please bring it with you.
Towels and bed linen will be provided. We wish for a small culinary contribution for the picknick on Friday evening.


The Retreat takes place in Yogazentrum Rheinhessen in Bechtolsheim close to Mainz and Frankfurt. Please find pictures of your accommodation below.

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