Foundations of Meditation – Yoga Retreat

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am Freitag 08.05.2020 - Sonntag 10.05.2020
um ganztägig Uhr

Yogazentrum Rheinhessen

Jagadambika & Narayana



Life is a great opportunity

We all have the power to shape this life in whichever way we want, to expand our consciousness and to choose how we share our energy with the world. To experience this clarity and freedom that life offers us every moment, we long for moments of introspection, peace and stillness. Join us for a weekend of Yoga and Meditation and find space to calm the mind. Still the ongoing inner dialog. Stop worrying about the past or planning for the future. Hear the silence. Simply be. This weekend Yoga Retreat explores the theory and practice of Meditation and focuses on the method of silent mantra repetition (Japa Meditation). >>> Alle Infos hier